Atlanta to Honolulu

I had my bluetooth gps receiver on for most of the trip both so I could see where I was during the flight and so I could save the gps track so I could geotag the pictures I took out the window. Unfortunately, the camera’s time and the gps receiver’s time were not the same, so once I compensated for the difference in time zones between the two devices (-11 hours), it still took some trial and error with google maps to guess at the correct offset (which was about 40 seconds). I synchronized the camera’s clock to my other gps receiver’s time in March, so with a few assumptions, the clock drift on an s80 is -40 seconds over 7 months.

The software I used was called “gps-correlate-gui” and it works quite well. You give it a set of images, a gpx file with a gps track in it, the time zone offset and an optional additional offset and it tags the images that correspond to being taken during the gps track and ignores the others.

Here’s a sample of the images from my flight that were geotagged in this way:

One photo of the Mississippi river.

There’s a photo of a nuclear power plant just South of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Some of the Painted Desert in Arizona.

An interesting shape that made finding the time offset in google maps a lot easier.

Some canyon shots.

Three pix of the Colorado river. The ones of the Colorado river were taken over lake Havasu, which is where the London Bridge is now. Of course, I didn’t know that at the time, and there was the bottom of the plane in the way at the time…

In California, there’s a few of Big Bear Lake, one of Marina del Ray and some of the Channel islands.

I didn’t have the gps on by the time I got to HI, so the 40 or so pix of Oahu as we were landing aren’t geotagged.

Let me just note that if I hadn’t had my gps on during the flight, I wouldn’t have known when to look out the window to take a picture of each interesting thing that went by. The plane I was on did have a map on the screen with our current location, but on a 9.5 hour flight, they showed three movies and two tv shows, so the map wasn’t on the screen very much.

Here’s the entire set of 49 geotagged pictures from the flight embedded in a map on panoramio. It only shows 8 images at a time, so you have to hit the next button (the one below those 8 images) to get to the next set of 8. You can also zoom in on the map and pan around, etc. Alternately, you can get the kml file for google earth here.


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