Japan / Tsukuba / KEK #2

Didn’t finish posting stuff before I got back from my trip, but better late than never…

I found these little piggies at the bakery inside the Oho Kasumi Food Squared grocery store:

At the K’s in Tsukuba (near the Kasumi store), you can find a small selection of the fanciest rice cookers you can imagine (price range $300-$500):

I got a little lost driving around and accidentally found the Tsukuba Harley Davidson, but it was closed. I went back a couple days later hopeful that it would be open and was astounded to find that standard t-shirts were >10000 Yen (>$120). And they didn’t have any local customization on them (no bar and shield with “Tsukuba Harley Davidson” on the back) – just standard skulls and daggers.

What could be more delicious than a refreshing beverage from the local convenience store? Try them in peach, butterscotch or cherry flavor!

After some shenanigans trying to find an ATM that would work for my crazy foreigner’s debit/ATM card, I finally found a surprisingly good dinner from the Shakey’s Pizza at Tsukuba Center. BTW, the Tsukuba Center post office has an ATM that works with foreign ATM cards.

And right outside the Shakey’s was a fine portrait of a couple of German fellows each enjoying a glass of beer. Possibly also enjoying slightly out-of-fashion moustache styles from the ’30s:

Here are some socks from the drug store with an interesting pattern (Jain?/Nazi?):

I’m sure those last two pictures are completely unrelated and it was a complete coincidence that I took those two pictures within 90 minutes of each other.

Here’s a picture of the giant room in Fuji Hall at KEK:

And here’s the same room from the opposite angle, showing the pile of TOF modules and behind them, the clean room where I did most of my work:

Here’s what currently remains of the Belle detector in Tsukuba Hall:

And here’s the “electronics hut” which houses some of the electronics to instrument the detector:

Both the detector and the e-hut are on rails and can be moved about 10m between two positions; one to put the detector inline with the counter-rotating electron / positron beams, and another for easy access to the instrument (also so the e+/e- beams can be used for other purposes besides Belle for the ~3 years it will be offline for the upgrade).

more to come…


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